We strive for excellence

At the heart of North West England, the laboratory coordinated by Dr Victorio Bambini Junior (right), is conducting cutting-edge research to identify novel targets and therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders. In the state of the art facilities, we use preclinical models and a wide range of behavioural assessments, together with the latest technology in physiology and molecular science.

We have a wide range of top-notch equipment and extensive know-how in behavioural analysis, making this lab one of the most well-prepared in England to phenotype and characterize preclinical models.

We are always working to improve our lab, collaborating with leading scientists from around the world, including Brazil, England, USA, Finland and Canada.


Dr. Victorio Bambini Junior voted the smiliest lecturer (2017) and best beard (2018).

Together, we are better...

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